Ridge Recording

Under the Influence of Good Music.


We are a private recording studio that works exclusively with clients on an invitation or referral basis. We feature 2 recording booths and a drum room with the capabilities of tracking both solo artists and a live, full-band. We also have an experienced post-production team for film and video. Our facilities are equipped with video monitors that are perfect for recording voice-overs and ADR. We also offer video recording services with in-house professional lighting. 



Software & Equipment
Mac Pro running Pro Tools 12 and Logic X with dual monitors.

Acoustic Treatment
Treated with acoustic studio soundproofing foam and acoustic panels ideal for mixing and mastering

Video Monitoring
Separate video console allows our engineers to interact face to face with the artists while in the booth

We worked hard on getting an efficient and comfortable control room together - Professionally treated room, state of the art equipment and a dual monitor workstation.



16 Channels Inputs
Capable of recording a complete drum kit or full live band

Headphone Mix
Isolation headphones with 4 separate headphone mixes

32" Monitor
Allows engineer and artist to see each other while tracking as well as syncing performance with video.

This room is equipped with studio lighting for capturing live performance video. We have a team on call if you'd like to capture the "Live In The Studio" experience.

BOOTH 1 & 2

Perfect for recording vocals, the booths are cozy and lit with ambience to set the creative tone.

Over 3" thick insulated walls are treated with acoustic foam to provide optimal isolation.

Video Monitors
Perfect for face-to-face interaction with the engineer

Isolation booths for vocals or amplifiers. Complete with LED monitors for film voice-overs. Cameras are mounted for a visual interaction with our engineers. Video monitors are essential for actors doing ADR or voice-over work.



Provides a cozy sofa which is perfect for relaxation. Also a great environment for meetings or writing

LED 40" TV has a direct live feed to the recording session in progress as well as for watching TV/movies

Our lounge is there for meetings, writing between sessions or just to hang out. There is a large sofa, plant life and windows that bring in a lot of natural light.



Full Kitchen Appliances
Stove/oven and microwave are available for heating up or preparing food. There are also lots of great restaurants in the area!

Coffee is a must with any recording session! There is also an assortment of tea available.

There are lots of great places to eat in the area (In Riva, Golden Crust, Majors, Falls Taproom, Trolley Car Cafe). However, for those that like to bring there own, we do have a full kitchen with coffee.



Kelly Drive
It runs along the Schuylkill River and is one of Philadelphia's most beautiful attractions. Walkers, runners, fishermen and bikeriders all come for their own piece of mind.

Outdoor Seating
The best place to get in the creative mindset is in the sunshine. Lots of seating and privacy

One of the most important elements to recording is getting into the right head space. Our patio opens right up to Kelly Drive - a perfect location for clearing your mind for a session.